“Cherish those that seek the truth but beware of those who find it” Voltaire

I use quotes to make myself seem smarter. I’ve already tried to associate myself with Voltaire by using the above. All I know is he was some French writer. And he was using a single name before Cher and Madonna made it cool. I’ve never read anything he has written. Yet I stole this quote anyway.

The about the author section is where a writer pitches to his audience about how great he his. But like the quote above I want to be very honest that I have not found ‘the’ truth. Or any truth for that matter. I’m always seeking and will never pretend otherwise.

I own three businesses. Two make no money at all. One makes a small profit. I could say I’m CEO/Lead Dreamer of three exciting and profitable start-ups. I could say I’m a successful entrepreneur. But I am not those things.

I’ve invested in a few of my friend’s ideas. One of which makes a little profit. The rest, not so much. I earn enough money to be an accredited investor. I can buy options in Twitter right now if I wanted to. I could say I’m an early stage startup investor – invested in companies such as Twitter. But I am not this either.

I have a degree in Theoretical Physics. A master’s in Economics and a 10-year career in investment risk. I could say I’m an expert in one or more of those fields. But that would be an insult to actual experts in those areas.

I’m not an entrepreneur.

I’m not an expert.

I’m not an early stage investor.

I’m not a billionaire.

I could tell you otherwise of course. And as you can see from the above I could claim some basis for doing so. Which is more than most who’ve lied about similar.

People need to seem extraordinary to gain some attention. That fact won’t change anytime soon. But over time what people deemed extraordinary becomes mundane, and vice-versa.

Being extraordinary in these times is to be honest and open about my flaws. It’s to be accepting of my average role in life. It’s to know that I’m not some unique flower that everyone will soon notice and applaud. It’s to live a happy life, not carefree, but to enjoy the simple and mundane.

Now I can’t prove I’m any of these things either. But we’ve all read the authors with sometimes questionable résumés, I’m sure you can give me a shot too.